Pilsner by Four Winds Brewing


I already had this review all typed (tapped) up, and for some reason WordPress decided, NOPE FUCK YOU BUDDY and deleted it mid-upload. Infuriating.

So here I go… AGAIN.

Pilsner. So simple and yet so difficult to get right. I’ve had exactly one great Pilsner in my life. Bomber Brewing makes an excellent pil and Krombacher is also a worthy contender.

The label is somewhat lame in my opinion. It looks more like a vinegar or Worcestershire sauce bottle than a beer.

History time. Pilsner originated in the Czech Republic in 1842. It’s pretty much a lager with a specific hopping type and process. The name comes from the city of Plzeň, where it was originally crafted. That’s enough history for today. Your paper is due on my desk by Friday before lunch break.


Do. Not. Disappoint me.

These come in packs of four for some reason OH FOUR WINDS I JUST GOT IT.


Mind blown.

So how does it hold up? I’M GETTING THERE, GAWD, GET OFF MY BACK.

The pour is a straight, clear, copper color with a half finger of ecru (yes, ecru. Look it up.) head that faded to haze almost immediately. Smells are honey and exotic spice, a very nice aroma. Tastes are quite different from the scents with a battle between cereal and florals waging war in my mouth. A bit bitter for this style of beer, which suits my bitter, maniacal, personality perfectly.

A good medium mouthfeel that’s somewhat ‘Rouge like’. That probably makes no sense.


I wish I had six of these, but obviously that’s impossible.


Kinda big… I guess.

4/5 As far as Pilsner goes, it’s a worthy Westcoast stab at an old favorite. Sessionable, if you can dig a bit of bitter. Worth seeking out and trying at least once.


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