Weisse Wheat beer by Hacker-Pschorr


Tried this on recommendation from my friend Jaymeski. His FAVORITE beer.

The label is probably the same labeling from the early 1900s, that’s how rigid and bland it appears. It’s got history behind it (going back to 1417), which makes it OK. Assuming that’s Mr. Hacker-Pschorr in the window there.

This unfiltered wheat beer has a completely opaque dull tan color and a hearty, resilient head on it. The foam never seems to die down, this bad boy is super carbonated.

It genuinely reminds me of how awesome beer tasted way back when I would consume it illegally as a minor. It’s a real throwback taste for me. The taste of running from police is oh so sweet.

It’s not bitter at all and has a real chippy, tangy flavor going on. It’s creamy and has a vague, mild, unidentifiable, fruity afterthought.

A quick google shows most people are saying banana… That ain’t no banana to me. More like a pear mated with a tangerine? Something something fruit sex. Is kiwi still a fruit? I forgot what it tastes like so it might be kiwi.. Nasty looking alien slime fruit.

“I mean, I’m no racist, but if the bitch is green there’s something wrong with the pussy!” – Eddie Murphy


He used to be funny. “goony goo goo muthafucka”

In attempting to figure out what the fuck that flavor is, I’ve drank half the glass way faster than I normally would. Like half that damn bottle in 15min.

Either it’s that good or it just likes to keep me guessing. Can’t tell, the buzz is on.

4.5/5 Solid beer all around! I could see myself drinking this for a long time. Good amount of unique flavor, not so much you get sick of it. Almost 600 years of excellence behind this label.


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