‘Red Racer’ IPA by Central City Brewing


*Disclaimer* I really like bitter, hoppy beer. Keep that in mind.

Do you like getting beaten in the face with hops?
Do you love it when extreme bitters hold your taste buds to the ground with a boot on the neck?
Are you also in to S&M?


This IPA is the taste equivalent of a point blank howitzer hop shell directly to the proverbial balls of your tongue.

This ludicrously potent monstrosity pours a golden copper and has little in the way of head and carbonation. Not sure if it’s an anomaly, or supposed to be that way. It smells strong enough to peel lead-based paint. To say it smells piney would be doing it a disservice. It smells as piney as a goddamn forest wrapped in a jungle, deep-fried in pine resin and sprinkled with pine needles.


This wrapped in itself, Deep-fried in its own blood and sprinkled in its own lung bits. Yummy. /s

Too much. I seriously wasn’t sure I could finish it, it’s so strong. Honestly, after about half way through the can I finally was able to taste it properly and I can’t say it was particularly impressive.
The first half of every can was a violent assault, the second half was palatable but not worth the opening walk through hop hell.

Tastes are pine, resin, and all the bitter in the motherfucking lower mainland, clearly. I’m not sure if there is any decernable malt taste here. If there is, it’s lost in the hop super-cell tornado.

Had to be done.

Had to be done.

2/5 TOO MUCH FLAVOR GUY. GAWD DAMN. I had to plunge out my imploded face after that.


Somewhat close representation.


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