‘Czechvar’ Brewed in the Czech Republic


Tried this on recommendation from my friend Chris Nelson.

I had mixed feelings on this, as I usually poop on European beers because they suck unless brewed in Deutschland by the world’s most efficient people.

Most European beer has a funny aftertaste that I generally dislike (Stella, Kronenberg, Heineken, etc). It’s probably the inferior water or something. Plus Heineken stanks like a grow op.

It pours a clear, bright yellow with a decent fizzy head that waned quickly in to a miniscule collar. Smells of dry grass and herbs. Taste is a tame cereal grain with a touch of leafy hop bitter. A straightforward palate is fine, not every beer needs the complexity of a Rush song.

I'd say the acid is kicking in, but I'm pretty sure it never kicked out.

I’d say the acid is kicking in, but I’m pretty sure it never kicked out.

This particular lager doesn’t have that horrid Euro quaff to it, however, I still found it somewhat unremarkable. Not offensive like most British swill, but not glorious like the Germans. It’s just like the Czech Republic to not be particularly important or remarkable, in any way.


Seen here being irrelevant.

Pretty standard brew by my calculations. Probably won’t get it again because it’s a fairly forgettable taste.

Jaromír Jágr might never forgive this assessment of the beer of his homeland. I’m so sorry JJ. It just gets a check, and a pass. Hockey jokes buddy.


Nice hair though.

3.5/5 Better than most Euro trash, but that’s not saying much. It gets an extra point for not reeking like a grow show. It loses that extra point because of that haircut.


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