‘Gypsy tears’ Red ale by Parallel 49


I tried this Parallel 49 selection first because of all the kooky names these guys give their brews (seedspitter? Dafuq is that?), this seemed like the most normalish.

These guys know the value of a well done label, as all their beers have trippy, unique artwork on them.

It poured out a red amber with minimal ecru head. I had to look up ecru because I’m sick of describing everything as ‘off white’.

This is a pretty smooth red ale with almost no bitterness at all. Toffee and a bit of a grapefruit citrus hop kick. Straightforward beer, with no real defining features that set it apart from other ales.

Not an everyday full fledged I’m-an-alcoholic-and-this-is-my-medicine type beer, but more of a I’m-on-my-way-to-becoming-an-alcoholic-if-I-keep-doing-these-reviews kinda beer.

A good beer with benefits. I don’t want it every day, but when I do want it, it goes down (HA) well.

Makes me want to try more from parallel 49. Considering their beer is stocked just about everywhere, there’s no big rush. It’s not incredible, but it is at least acceptable.

3/5 It didn’t blow (HA) my mind but made me curious to try their full line up. It’s ubiquitous, so that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.


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