Wildflower Saison by Four Winds Brewing


Although I haven’t reviewed many (any) saisons, I have tried a bunch, which has me excited because I really enjoy this type of beer. It’s a French beer type that generally is spicy and floral with high carbonation. I have liked pretty much every saison I’ve tried, but honestly, I’m a pretty easy-to-please beer drinker. So take it with a grain of salt.

Maybe I’m more sensitive to the lighter flavors now that I don’t smoke? I’m fucking terrible at introspective.


Introspective pug is where my brain went there.

The label, as usual, is beautifully designed and reminds me of a fancy wine or champagne. This is a high class beer, in a wine bottle with a cork. The cork is really novel, and makes a seriously impressive pop when I open it.

The head is a fluffy, white monster. At least four fingers worth of it, and it won’t fuck off. I tried blowing on it. I tried yelling at it. Nothing. So I resorted to slurping it off and spitting it in the sink.

This is a classy beer, folks. Not a classy beer drinker.

This beer is supremely carbonated, just by slight. The beer itself is a glowing orange amber, and looks radioactive.

The smells are exotic herbs, lemons, apples and odd flora. Very nice combination. Highly aromatic.

Tastes sweet and tart, biscuits, funky hay, Camomile, lime juice, floral notes, and bit of dryness at the finish. The alcohol is covered very well here.

The mouthfeel is very light and airy and the flavors fade out quickly, leaving a mild sourness to linger on the palate.

I got the move that tells me what to do
Sometimes I feel so nice, I said I wanna try myself with you

I, I, I, I,
I got soooooul, and I’m super badJames Brown ‘Superbad’



4.5/5 This is definitely a beer I’ll be back for. Light enough to session and not suffer palate fatigue. Would be great on the beach on a hot day. Great job Four Winds!


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