‘Total Domination’ IPA by Ninkasi Brewing


I got a chance to try a Ninkasi at the Craft Beer Market in Vancouver about a week back, and I thought it was pretty darn tasty. It was ‘Dawn of the Red’ Red ale, because all the names of beers by these guys are epic.

Seriously, check out the names here.


They have a team with a good sense of humor, I reckon.

Moving along nah. I’m drinking the ‘total domination’ IPA tonight, which makes me feel that this might be a hoppy sledgehammer to the tongue. ‘Total Domination’ is a pretty strong statement, so I can imagine it’s probably stronger than a Coors light. Probably.


This beer pours a brassy orange and has a bit of opacity to it. Barely half a finger of foam that turned in to a haze with a good sized collar. Smells like orange zest, and fresh citrus hops. It has a very bright, powerful aroma.

The taste is much the same, simplistic, but it doesn’t suffer from it. A straight up fresh citrus hop smack with a malty smoothness that becomes more noticeable once the hop shock dies down. It is also quite creamy for an IPA.

3.5/5 It’s a good IPA, but not particularly unique or well balanced. I want to try more of their enormous lineup.



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