Rye Lager by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.


Steel & Oak make a rippin’ smoked Hefeweizen, so I’m excited to see if they have more great beers in their catalog. This one is a ‘limited edition’ Rye Lager, so hopefully I won’t love it too much because I might not get to have any more.



Only a small handful of people on earth will get the preceding highly obscure reference. Google ‘Return to Zork’ if you’re dying to know. It’s a long story.

Yet another bland label. I could have whipped it up in Microsoft Word in about 15 minutes. I just don’t understand that mentality. One cool thing about the label though..


.. I love it when breweries print the bottling date right in plain sight. It’s useful and it displays confidence in your product.

This guy pours a cloudy, copper-red with a small amount of retentive, fuzzy, yellow-tint head. Smells of bread and biscuits with a slight hop sass to it. It’s not a particularly strong aroma at all.

The taste is reserved, but amicable with bread, wheat and a mellow yeasty flavor accented with a nice malted rye and mild citrus hop bitterness. Quite smooth and creamy beer with a good medium mouthfeel to it.

Overall, it’s a good lager, suitable for an anytime kind of drinking session. When I say anytime, I don’t mean ‘screaming down the freeway doing 120 k/h’, kind of beer. Nor do I mean, ‘when going through intense labor’ kind of beer, or ‘celebrating ten years of sobriety with your AA friends’ kind of beer.

There are limitations to ‘anytime’ is what I’m getting at. Don’t take me completely literally.


4/5 A good ‘almost anytime’ lager. Has good definition and minimal complexity, but don’t tell that to Officer Stadenko.


Taaaaaake ooooon meeeeee!
(take on me)
Taaaaaake meeeeee oooooooon!
(take on me)
I’lllllllllllll beeeeeeee gooooooone!
In-a-day-or twoooooooooooooooo!” – A-ha!


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