‘The Last Strawberry’ Strawberry Wit by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks


Oh man, what am I doing here. My gut instinct is that this is going to completely suck.

The label is pretty cool. The artsy anime sets it apart from the bunch, which considering the wall of beer I was staring at, is an impressive feat. Maybe I was reminded of Sailor moon and it’s weirdly erotic nature. Apparently, a couple of them were lesbians. That was a kids show man!


Right… Kids show.

First off, the beer has CHUNKS floating in it… That’s interesting. It’s pours a murky, weird orange with a pink tint with about a fingers worth of good, solid foam. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t smell like fresh strawberries, but mixed with traditional beer scents, it’s suddenly become peculiar. It’s like I suddenly feel estranged from one of my most favorite of berry.

The taste is every bit as befuddled as the aroma. It’s like someone took a decent Wit and strained it with strawberries, which is probably what happened. The closest I can come to a comparison point would be a strawberry milkshake beer. It’s sounds gross but it’s weirdly intriguing, and at least somewhat drinkable. Mostly wheat and tart strawberry flavors.

This is a chick beer. Bleh.



I rinsed and gargled with a real-life, actual beer (Yellow Dog Pale ale) afterwise.

2.5/5 Drinkable, strange, tart, but not great. I could finish the majority of it, but I was not exactly enjoying the experience. I wouldn’t drink it again, but I’m sure somebody out there would love this.

No more fruity shit for a while.


8 responses to “‘The Last Strawberry’ Strawberry Wit by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

  1. I’m a chick, but you wouldn’t catch me drinking that! Though I have a sudden craving to reread Harry Potter thanks to “Fuggles & Warlock”.

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